NewTek TalkShow Skype-TX Broadcaster VS-100.

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NewTek TalkShow VS-100  -  In Stock Now!

Dedicated Skype-TX Integration for your Productions

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NewTek TalkShow Skype TX User Interface

The NewTek TalkShow VS-100 Skype broadcast hardware is now shipping!  Stop waiting.  Start Skyping! 

Frequently Asked Questions about's TalkShow Offer:

Q1.  What are the shipping charges?
A1.  We offer free ground shipping to the USA.  Call us toll-free at 1-855-TRICAST for expedited shipping options.

Q1.  I got a quote from elsewhere.  Will you beat it?
A2.  Yes!  Please call us toll-free at 1-855-TRICAST to discuss your quote.  You will be happy you did!

Q3.  Do you offer bulk or quantity discounts?
A3.  We can do that.  Contact us.  We'll make you an excellent offer for multiple units.

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NewTek TalkShow Skype TX Interface and Front Panel

TalkShow allows you to initiate or receive calls from any video-enabled desktop, laptop, mobile device, conference room, Internet TV or game console running Skype software.

You can operate all aspects of a live Skype video call in the control room like any other video source, work without annoying distractions such as secondary call notifications and advertisements.

If the guest's Internet connection is slow, the audio stream is prioritized. If bandwidth is really poor, TalkShow displays a high-quality still image of the guest on the output.  This makes for a much cleaner production and avoids distractions that come with random color bars or macro-blocking.

Access to 300 million monthly connected Skype users
Anyone using the Skype client on any supported device can be your guest.

Broadcast-style video from regular Skype calls
TalkShow features automatic aspect ratio conversions and balanced audio, without requiring a scan converter.

Eliminate on-screen disruption
Unlike consumer calling software, technical management is handled separately from face-to-face conversation, eliminating pop-ups, advertisements, and notifications.

1RU rackmount device
TalkShow is a studio-grade production source that sends HD-SDI call audio and video to and from any production switcher.

Professional video production tools
Proc-amp controls and automatic color correction adjust image attributes for any lighting environment and enable in-studio operator to enhance imperfect video calls with far higher quality.

Audio quality enhancement
With SDI-embedded audio, compressor/limiter, and onboard graphic equalizer that keep call volumes at consistent levels and prevent audio clipping.

Built-in video quality checks
Instant replacement of low-quality video with a custom, still image when unforeseen bandwidth constraints occur below operator-defined preset value.

Tally notification of video calls
Allows operators to see when TalkShow Skype feeds are currently live in a program.

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NewTek TalkShow VS-100

Frequently Asked Questions
about TalkShow VS-100

Q1.  Is NewTek TalkShow hardware or software?
A1.  It's a 1RU hardware unit.  No software to install.  It will output via HD-SDI to any production switcher.  It also has the option to output via the network to a TriCaster.

Q2.  Does the remote guest need special hardware?
A2.  No!  Anyone with the standard (free) Skype desktop or smart phone software can connect to NewTek TalkShow VS-100.  Further, TalkShow allows you to initiate or receive calls from any video-enabled desktop, laptop, mobile device, conference room, Internet TV or game console running Skype software.

Q3.  Does NewTek TalkShow support tally?
A3.  Yes!  This allows opertors to see when TalkShow Skype feeds are currently live in a program.

Q4.  What about audio?
A4.  TalkShow offers built-in compressor/limiter tools, including an onboard graphic equalizer. This helps keep audio levels consistent and avoids audio clipping.

Q5.  What if the remote guest has a slow or unpredictable Internet connection?
A5.  This is one place where TalkShow really shines. First, audio quality is prioitized over video.  In these situations, rather than color bars or macro-blocking on the video, if the connection loses throughput, a quality still image of the person is displayed on the output.  This makes for a much cleaner production and avoids distractions that come with random color bars or macro-blocking.

Q6.  I need more than one guest. Can I use multiple units for multiple remote guests?
A6.  Yes! You can add multiple TalkShow units, yet still manage them in a single, user-friendly interface that provides previews, continuous call quality monitoring, and contact management.

Q7.  I have a Ross Carbonite switcher. Is TalkShow compatible?
A7.  Yes! Using the HD-SDI I/O, you can connect TalkShow to any professional video switcher. If your existing equipment has HD-SDI connections, TalkShow is compatible. Sony, Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, and Broadcast Pix switchers are all compatible with TalkShow VS-100.

Q8.  Why not use the scan converter we have been using?
A8.  There are several reasons. One of the excellent features is the ability to route the program or host camera shot to the remote guest. Call management is also streamlined, including balanced audio, without cobbling together an unreliable solution.

Q9.  Will the return video consume bandwidth needed for the incoming video stream?
A9.  No. NewTek's proprietary, real-time video processing engine incorporates superb scaling, format conversion, aspect, and color correction routines. Additionally, it will limit return video resolution to prioritize quality of incoming call video.

Q10.  What is the level of video quality?
A10.  Video quality will always be limited by bandwidth from the remote guest. However, TalkShow provides options to manage unexpected bandwidth issues below an operator-defined value.

Q11.  What is the purpose of the small LCD on the front of TalkShow?
A11.  The front panel display has a preview of the Skype video calls, VU metering, caller, time, status, tally notification, and more.

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NewTek TalkShow VS-100

NewTek TalkShow VS-100 Specifications

1RU rack-mount metal case with rear-mounted connection panel and front-mounted in-call display monitor.

Hardware Video Inputs
1x HD-SDI plus embedded audio  (for return signal from mixer to remote caller).

Hardware Video Outputs
1x HD-SDI plus embedded audio  (for Skype call output to video mixer input).

Hardware Audio Inputs
2x Balanced XLR (+4dBU reference Level).

Hardware Audio Outputs
2x Balanced XLR (+4dBU reference Level), Stereo Headphone Jack (Skype program audio).

Hardware GPI / Tally
GPI (HD15 jack).

AirSend* I/O
1x Network video input
1x Network video output
1x Network audio input
1x Network audio output
Tally from Mixer over local network

Dual gigabit NIC exceeding expected bandwidth requirements for Skype TX I/O, AirSend* transmission to and from mixer, and local network traffic.

System Physical
19 x 1.75 x 16.75  10 lbs.

Local Monitoring
Windows 8.1 Embedded, Skype TX, TalkShow control software providing a/v connection config, audio EQ, compressor/limiter, video proc amps and AutoColor control, genlock config.

Call management ssoftware
Direct mouse and keyboard USB interface required for Skype TX management software in single call / single TalkShow unit environment.  Over-the-network from SkypeTX control software in simultaneous call / multiple TalkShow unit environments.

4th Generation i7 Quad-Core.

Intel HD4600 GPU with 1x HDMI, 2x DVI.

Reference In
Black burst (bi-level) and tri-level genlock reference support.

8 GB.

128 GB SSD.  eSATA extensible drive access.

Power Supply
Internal 12V, External Auto 110-220V.

* With NewTek API allowing network I/O in NewTek TriCaster, 3Play, and supported 3rd party systems.

NewTek TalkShow VS-100

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