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Purchase new Ultimatte hardware and competitive rates.

Virtualsets.com is a consultant and systems integrator for virtual studios. We offer Ultimatte Hardware for live blue screen and green screen compositing. The proof is in the final results. Ultimatte hardware is vastly superior to other hardware options on the market. Used in everything from major motion pictures, to Saturday Night Live, to ESPN's NFL coverage, nothing compares to the quality of the Ultimatte hardware.

Ultimatte 12 4K / UHD, Ultimatte 11 HD/SD, Ultimatte 9, Smart Remote.

New Ultimatte Hardware

At Virtualsets.com, we are able to offer competitive pricing on all new Ultimatte hardware, including the Ultimatte 11, which is the first HD/SD dual-format Ultimatte 11 HD/SD Hardware and Smart Remote 2.product available. You may also be interested in the Ultimatte 12, which is the first 4K/UHD/HD format system available.

We also have the Ultimatte 500, which is effectively the standard definition version of the Ultimatte 11. The Ultimatte 500 hardware is fully-upgradeable to high definition when you are ready to make the jump. Contact us for a competitive quote for your new Ultimatte hardware.

  • Click here download the Ultimatte 11 features brochure
  • Click here download the Ultimatte 500 features brochure
  • Click here download the full Ultimatte 11 manual
  • Click here download the full Ultimatte 500 manual

  • Out of Production Ultimatte Hardware

    We also have a limited stock of Ultimatte hardware that is out of production and unavailable via other sources. This can be very valuable for clients that Ultimatte 9 Hardware Virtual Studios and Smart Remote.need specific hardware for a particular application, such as the Ultimatte 9 hardware, which has many unique features for virtual sets and virtual studios that are not available in later versions of the Ultimatte hardware. Need a specific Ultimatte unit? Contact us to inquire about our current inventory.

  • Click here download the Ultimatte 9 features brochure
  • Click here download the full Ultimatte 9 manual

  • Upgrade Your Ultimatte Hardware

    Do you currently own Ultimatte hardware, but are looking to make an upgrade? If your existing hardware is in good condition, we offer competitive trade-up offers for your existing hardware. Contact us to receive an offer on your existing Ultimatte hardware. We'll make an offer on the following:

  • Ultimatte 45
  • Ultimatte 400
  • Ultimatte 500
  • Ultimatte 9
  • Ultimatte 10
  • Ultimatte 11
  • Ultimatte 12 4K / UHD
  • Ultimatte HD
  • Ultimatte Smart Remote
  • Click here view the Ultimatte Hardware Comparison Chart

  • Custom Ultimatte Training

    If you own Ultimatte hardware, but would like to get some additional training to maximize the potential of your Ultimatte, we can travel to your studio for a training session. Training in your studio is the very best option, since we can address the specific areas in which you may be having difficulty. Contact us to arrange on-site training for your Ultimatte hardware.


    If you have any questions about the products listed above, simply contact us for more information.


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